• Super HPS - 2100°K

    Super HPS - 2100°K


    As plants approach maturity they require less “Blue Light” and depend more upon radiation from the “Red” portion of the spectrum between 610 nm - 720 nm. SOLARMAX HPS lamps have been engineered to...

  • Reflector Series

    Reflector Series

    SolarMAX Reflector Series.

    (Formerly known as GAVITA reflector lamps). When set up properly, these Reflector lamps provide the perfect horticultural system. No Reflectors are needed! Available in hight output HPS and Veg MH.

  • Vegetative - 7200°K

    Vegetative - 7200°K


    SOLARMAX lamps deliver 30% more "nutritious" Blue light radiation than standard lamps. The result - more vigorous, vegetative growth and stronger roots during the important early stages of a plant's development.